Testing the objects of the model

With NBi, you can validate the structure of your model. It can be a SQL, Muldimensional or Tabular model. For each of these models, you can validate the following objects:

Object Xml singular Xml plural SQL Multidimensional Tabular
Table table tables Yes - Yes
View view views Yes - -
Column column columns Yes - Yes
Perspective perspective perspectives - Yes Yes
Dimension dimension dimensions - Yes Yes
Hierarchy hierarchy hierarchies - Yes Yes
Level level levels - Yes Yes
Property property properties - Yes Yes
Measure-group measure-group mesaure-groups - Yes Yes
Measure measure mesaures - Yes Yes
Set set sets - Yes Yes
Routine routine routines Yes - -
Routine’s parameter parameter parameters Yes - -

Routines could be stored procedures, table-valued-functions or scalar-functions.

System-under test

The sample here under explains how to specify the object that you want to assert. For the list of objects supported by NBi see above.

NBi offers the opportunity to validate that an object exists and is visible through a perspective. To achieve this, you need to stipulate the object that you want to assert in the syste-under-test. This is done by creating an xml element named “structure” under the node “system-under-test”.


In this xml node, named “structure”, you’ll need to specify on which object you’ll perform your assertion. For this you’ll need to specify the type of object (perspective, dimension, table …), its caption and also its parents (expl: for a dimension: a perspective).

In the sample here under, we’re writing a system-under-test on a measure named MyMeasure in the measure-group MyMeasureGroup through the perspective MyPerspective

    <measure caption="MyMeasure" measure-group="MyMeasureGroup" perspective="MyPerspective"/>

The tables, here under, describe the parents’ information mandatory or optional for each object.

  1. SQL and Tabular (Table/columns) objects
Object/Parent Schema Table/View
Schema - -
Table or view Mandatory -
Column Mandatory Mandatory
Routine Mandatory -
Routine’s parameter Mandatory -

Routine and routine’s parameter are not supported for Tabular models.

For routine’s parameter, you can also specify the direction

  • In
  • Out
  • In/Out

or if the parameter is a result (true/false)

  1. Multidimensional and Tabular objects related to dimensions
Object/Parent Perspective Dimension Hierarchy Level Display-Folder
Perspective - - - - -
Dimension Mandatory - - - -
Hierarchy Mandatory Mandatory - - Optional
Level Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory - -
Property Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory -
Set Mandatory - - - Optional
  1. Multidimensional and Tabular objects related to measures
Object/Parent Perspective Measure-group Display-Folder
Measure-group Mandatory - -
Measure Mandatory Mandatory Optional

Finally, the last information to be provided in the system-under-test is the connection string to reach your database or cube. This information is specified by the means of the Xml attribute named “connection-string”.

    <measure caption="MyMeasure" measure-group="MyMeasureGroup" perspective="MyPerspective"
        connection-string="Provider=MSOLAP.4;Data Source=MyServer;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=MyCube;"/>

Usage of defaults and references, offers some facilities for the end-users to define more effectively the connection strings for a test-suite.