Test environment's setup

Folders and files

A test environment is usually built upon the following directories hierarchy:

the base directory, in the example: *…\MyTests* that will include:

  • a directory for the NBi framework
  • a couple of directories for not mandatory NBi stuff present in the zip file (Samples, genbi, …)
  • a directory for each testing project (depending on how you organize your testing projects, start with one)

To illustrate that, a folder MyTests has been created, with the sub-folders Framework, Genbi and Samples coming from the NBi zip file previously downloaded. There is also a sub-folder MyTestProject that I created myself:

repository structure

Then the minimal setup to start using NBi is to create 3 files. They are text files using an XML syntax (meaning that NotePad, NotePad++, Sublime Text, Visual Studio or any other text file editor are able to edit them) with the following naming convention (note the file extensions in each area):

repository structure

Content of the files

In these files, you will find the following content:

repository structure