Power BI Desktop

To test a Power BI Desktop solution, you’ll need to provide a connection-string redirecting to your Power BI Desktop solution. This connection-string must respect the following format: PBIX = Name of my Power BI Desktop solution. The name of your solution should be the filename without the extension “.pbix”.

<testSuite name="The Query TestSuite" xmlns="http://NBi/TestSuite">
		<default apply-to="system-under-test">
			<connection-string>PBIX = My Solution</connection-string>
	<test name="...">

Important note: In order to test a Power BI Desktop solution, the corresponding pbix file must be running/open during the execution of a test-suite.

You can open you pbix file by the means of the setup feature.

  <tasks run-once="true" parallel="false">
      name="Sales Analysis.pbix"
      connection-string="PBIX = Sales Analysis"
      timeout-milliseconds ="60000"