Apply roles to a query

It’s a common practice in Business Intelligence to restrict views and data according to the user connected. The views are linked to the roles defined in Analysis Services. When testing an environment, it’s useful to play with the different roles for which different results are expected. Changing the role is a feature available for any query targeting an SSAS environment.

NBi supports this case by providing an xml attribute named roles on the xml element query (or derivates). You can specify the role in which the query will be executed in this xml attribute. NBi will connect to your cube with this role and execute the query.

<query ref="OlapQA" roles="minimal">

Note that the user executing the test needs to be in each role that the tests are targeting or the test won’t execute and will raise a failure.

If you want, you can define more than one role for the context of execution. You just need to separate them by a semi-column (;).