Load a set of test-cases

This action lets you load from a file or query a list of test cases data. In addition to the action load you must supply from where you’ll want to load your test cases.

File (Csv)

The first option available is a CSV file, translated to file in the genbiL language. You must also supply the location of your file just after as a parameter. Sample:

case load file 'Relative Directory\myFileWithTestCases.csv';


GenbiL offers the opportunity to load a set of test-cases from a database. To achieve this, you’ll need to specify a query and the connection-string. You’ve two options to define your query:

  • from a file
case load query 'Relative Directory\myQuery.sql' on 'Data Source=...';
  • in-line
case load query
  select * from myTable
on 'Data Source=...';