All NBi releases are Open Source. Since version 1.6, the applicable licence is Apache 2.0. Historically, NBi releases were licenced with MS-PL. There is no commercial licence available.

Current release

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This is a list of the the current pre-release development versions available for testing. Consider your needs carefully before using a version other than the current production versions. These are preview releases, and their use is not recommended in production settings. Please consider reporting any bugs in these versions.

Since version 1.15, beta versions are only available on a Nuget feed and appVeyor and are more frequent (at least one by feature). Only RC versions (if any) are available on GitHub.

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Looking for a specific release?

These releases are needed by many people for legacy work, so we keep them around for download. Bugs are accepted on older releases only if they can be reproduced on a current release.
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